By: 09.28.17

What Do I Do With Those Plus Size Clothes?

One of my favorite pastimes has always been inventorying my wardrobe. But after my weight loss surgery, my closet looked unfamiliar, and each time I entered, I had to remind mysel

By: 09.27.17

How Are Your Relationships Since You Lost Weight?

Or I became so much healthier physically and mentally after #weight loss surgery. One big surprise was that my relationships have become healthier as well. You might

By: 09.27.17

Have You Incorporated Strength Training into your Fitness Program?

Guest Blogger Kevin T. Chandler, P.T. Strength training is critical to pre- and post-surgery fitness. There are many reasons to incorporate it into yo

By: 09.27.17

No Shame in Your Game: Time for a reset?

I didn’t realize until this morning’s meditation that Autumn has a sound of its own. I became conscious of the crackling leaves falling, squirrels gathering pin

By: 03.03.17

What are we Weighting For?

During my journey, I have found that nurturing my inner self has been one of the most important keys to my success, especially during the challenging plateau

By: 03.03.17

A Surprising Truth about Relationships and Bariatric Surgery

I became so much healthier physically and mentally after weight loss surgery. Not only did I lose all that weight, but my relationships

By: 03.03.17

I Chose Healthy Living

I suppose you could consider bariatric surgery a “quick weight loss” program. But it differs dramatically from everything out there today.
By: 03.03.17

Have You Lost Ground Since Your Initial Weight Loss?

I recently watched a documentary on obesity on HBO, entitled “Weight of the Nation”. It highlighted the success stories of two women who lost

By: 03.03.17

Finding Your Personal Style After Bariatric Surgery

It might sound surprising but weight loss surgery can leave you struggling to come to terms with the “new you”. Lots of us who were overweigh

By: 03.03.17

Drink Well to Feel Well

I wish that I loved water. It would be so much easier for me to get in the recommended 64+ ounces of fluid every day since my #WLS weight loss surgery.