Preparing for Surgery

Making the decision to have weight loss surgery is a big step, but once you’ve made the decision, it’s only the beginning. Any time you go under the knife it’s a big deal, and weight loss surgery is no exception. 

You’re going to experience a lot of changes on the journey—not just physically and health-wise, but mentally and emotionally as well. And while it’s difficult to truly prepare for all the ups and downs and the excitement and the doubts, it helps to have a plan, and an idea of what’s to come.

Everyone handles these things differently, but you should be prepared to experience new feelings, thoughts, and perspectives that you never expected. Here are a few things I learned:

  • Taking before photos (even if you don’t really want to remember what you looked like before) will help you when you need a little motivation, or reminder how far you’ve come.
  • Practicing your new eating and exercise regimen prior to surgery will make it easier to develop healthy habits for your new life that will help you reach and maintain your ideal weight and put you on the road to lifelong wellness.
  • Your support network and inspiration team will be invaluable. Talk to your doctors, friends, family, and people who have been through the experience if you have any questions or concerns about surgery or your new life after.

And of course, you need to be prepared for the actual surgery, so make sure to consult your doctor about pre-op instructions leading up to the surgery.

I hope the resources available here will help you get started on your journey!