Drink Well to Feel Well

I wish that I loved water.  It would be so much easier for me to get in the recommended 64+ ounces of fluid every day since my #WLS weight loss surgery.

You can only drink so many diet drinks, and besides, I’m not comfortable with artificial sweeteners, although I love my sugar-free popsicles.  Fruit juices have too many calories. I don’t want to risk dehydration. I also got a real scare recently when my urine was bright yellow. Thank goodness it turned out to be from my B2 vitamin.

Lately, my Facebook friends have posted some awesome recipes for fruit infused water that look good. I’m going to have to try that.

Staying hydrated is critical, especially when I’m perspiring as a result of my exercise program. So I’m reminding myself of the benefits of drinking pure water. If I think more positively about water, I might grow to love it. Here goes:

  1. Water keeps my skin moisturized and helps with sagging skin issues.
  2. Water lubricates my joints. My knees aren’t the greatest as a result of my obesity years.
  3. Water removes toxins from my body. I don’t want to strain my liver and kidneys for sure.
  4. Water prevents me from retaining fluids.
  5. Water helps keep my blood pressure down. I don’t have a blood pressure problem and don’t want one.
  6. Water helps me exercise longer, which is good for my muscles and will help me lose more weight.

If you’ve come up with good solutions for fluid intake, let me know so I can share!

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