Finding Your Personal Style After Bariatric Surgery

It might sound surprising but weight loss surgery can leave you struggling to come to terms with the “new you”. Lots of us who were overweight at one time still spend a great deal of time feeling undeserving.

The first time I had a photo shoot to start building my website, I had to confront these feelings head on.  As I made my way into Sephora for my makeover, I thought I should keep the engine running in my car to make a quick getaway in case I was exposed as a fraud. A fat woman trapped in a skinny woman’s body, who had cheated to get there.

What nerve I had wearing skinny jeans and daring to be photographed for the world to see.  My niece came by to help me choose the outfits for my shoot, and when I saw the shoes she brought along, I had visions of falling flat on my face and my feet being permanently frozen in a pixie-like shape.  Oh, the pain.

I conquered my fears, and the session was so much fun. It was very exciting working with a professional photographer, Laura Pedrick, and being transformed by a bona fide makeup artist!  I discovered my runway persona. My mind has still not caught up with my body size and every other week, I see the overweight person I used to be when I look in the mirror.  The doctors say that will go away after a while.

You know what I realized? Yes, we deserve to flaunt our personal styles. After all, it’s not just the outer image that others see, but our style reflects the joy and confidence that we have as a result of our new healthier selves.  Weight loss surgery survivors rock!

I’d love to hear your experience. What do you most want to wear after bariatric surgery?

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