What are we Weighting For?

During my journey, I have found that nurturing my inner self has been one of the most important keys to my success, especially during the challenging plateau periods.

In order to navigate my way through these periods, I realized it is necessary to reconnect with myself and affirm my sense of self-love and self-worth.

I remind myself that we are already perfect as we are, and that this bariatric wellness journey helps bring that inner beauty out.  It’s a process that applies to our whole selves—exercise, eating habits, fluid intake, looking our best, relationships, spirituality…every part of who we are. My bariatric surgery not only bypassed a section of my stomach, but just as significantly, it bypassed or cut out the illusion of who I thought I was and revealed who I really am.

During my obese life, I remember engaging in negative self-judgment and allowing others’ expectations to affect how I felt about myself. If you buy into the lie that weight loss surgery is the easy way out, and that you are a failure for taking this option, you set yourself up for failure any time the scale doesn’t move downward.

I have come to believe in a new paradigm. I did not have the surgery because I did not love myself. I chose surgery because I love myself, and I love life so passionately that I wanted to give myself the gift of living more fully. Otherwise, why would I suffer the “slings and arrows” of recovery? As Les Brown, says, “Because it’s worth it.”

Some days I barely looked at myself in the mirror below my neckline. But am I willing to dwell on a negative self-perception just because my weight loss slowed down for a few weeks? Definitely not!
In his latest book, The Five Levels of Attachment: Toltec Wisdom for the Modern World, don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. states, “Let us enjoy this moment in life. The past is done, the future is coming, and the best way to say hello is by learning to say goodbye.”

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