Balance is essential to movement, and can only improve with training.  As we get older, and as we begin to lose weight and change our bodies, our ability to maintain proper balance becomes more challenging.  The benefits of balance training are numerous, chief among which are the following:

  • Proprioceptive and Kinesthetic Awareness – Proprioceptive awareness is the ability to discern where our body parts are in relation to the things around us, and kinesthetic awareness is the ability to recognize how our body moves in relation to itself.  Training these skills allows us to move better through the world with fewer falls (hence, fewer injuries) and greater ease
  • Central Nervous System (CNS) Stimulation – Balance training stimulates the CNS, which improves overall body function. It also increases your agility by strengthening your ability to react quickly should slip on or trip over something, making injury less likely.
  • Increased Strength and Joint Stability – By training balance, you are putting a greater load on your joints and muscles, which strengthens them. This means you’ll be able to execute your daily activities with greater confidence, ease, and fewer injuries.