Support Groups

Let’s face it! We can’t go it alone.  I know how hard it is to reach out for help.  I’ve been there and struggle with it now.  But getting support from like-minded people is critical to our long-term journey to wellness.

Your surgeon, no doubt, wants to be of help and the nurse practitioners too.  But they can’t be there every day to hold your hand when you are fearful, or listen to your concerns as you encounter them post-surgery.

In the past, I didn’t ask for the help I needed, trying to be the super woman and not wanting to look weak. What a joke! In fact, I read somewhere that the women who survive the longest following a battle with breast cancer, are the ones who told the world about their challenge and elicited as much help and as many prayers as possible.

There are many ways to get the help, ranging from surgery center support groups to on-line resources.  Some folks even join twelve-step programs that deal with all kinds of addictions. I do a combination of all of these alternatives.

I think it boils down to your individual preference and finding the group setting that makes you feel comfortable and welcome.  You learn a lot about others’ journeys in addition to the tips and tricks of recovery.  I’ll be sharing many resources as we move forward in our journeys, but here are some to start you off:


  • Denise London
  • Bariatric Wellness Journey
  • WLS Foodies
  • My WLS Friends
  • Southeast WLS Group
  • Michele’s Movement
  • Vsg, Gastric Bypass, DS (pre or post op) + Utube
  • Cosmetic Surgery and WLS
  • Share Your Vision
  • Bariatric Beauties
  • Bariatric Divas
  • HipHop Fitness with Robanne Robin
  • Bariatric Weight Loss Journey
  • Losing Weight and Being Healthy for Life