Outer You

One of the most exciting aspects of my post-bariatric journey was the moment I realized I could finally WEAR what was coming down the runway instead of having to wait and see if those trends would ever appear in my size.  After years of shopping in the plus-size section, I wasn’t used having so many styles and choices available.

Choosing a new wardrobe that accentuated my new-found figure made me feel confident and helped give me a fresh start!

From adapting trends to fit our body shapes to staying trendy while we shed sizes and clothing at a relatively rapid pace, those of us on our post-bariatric journey face unique fashion challenges. Keeping these needs in mind, my niece—who is a fashion industry professional—is working with me to create seasonal fashion trend reports with tips and tricks specifically for those with post-weightloss bodies.

  • Express yourself beyond the limited fashion apparel choices you had in the past
  • Tips and tricks that truly flatter the post-bari body with its specific challenges
  • Keep your fashion up to date while shedding multiple sizes without breaking your pocketbook