No Shame in Your Game: Time for a reset?

I didn’t realize until this morning’s meditation that Autumn has a sound of its own. I became conscious of the crackling leaves falling, squirrels gathering pine cones and deer scurrying through the recently dried foliage. The fall season always makes me feel like new beginnings. It’s my birthday season. School always restarted in September. The time to prepare for Winter is almost upon us and the new year is coming.

The point is that it’s a time to reconnect to our health goals. Have you slipped some? It’s never too late to recommit to the #Bariatric Wellness Journey. The challenge for us all is to figure out how, when and why we might have fallen off our program. We might not have completely slipped. Maybe our exercise regimen is inconsistent. Possibly our portion sizes are too large. Could be that the pressures in our lives are causing our addictions to sugar or simple carbohydrates to rev its ugly head. The point is it’s never too late to #reset. After all, we are on a lifelong journey and reaching the destination will always be full of ups and downs.

So what do we do? There are several options as I see it. Here are a few:

  1. Visit your surgeon to discuss your situation.
  2. Make an appointment with a nutritionist to reestablish your program.
  3. Assess your current dietary plan, for example, are you drinking enough fluid?
  4. Return to your journal and document your journey.
  5. Purchase some new exercise outfits, wake up earlier and get in that workout.
  6. Calm down through meditation.

Only you can figure out your dilemma. Remember, the surgery was only a tool. The solution is surely comprehensive. But it’s worth it, because you’re worth and I am too.

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