Keynote, Workshops, Personal Consultations

In the seven years since her own bariatric surgery, Denise has been living and learning best practices to ensure a lifetime of health and wellness. She offers a unique and highly personalized perspective on living the bariatric journey, which she shares in a variety of customizable speaking engagements.


Delivered in a high energy, multi media format, these 45 minute sessions inspire and motivate pre and post-bariatric audiences on their journey to a happier, healthier and harmonious lifestyle.


Based on Denise’s experiences, these 3 hour workshops focus laser-like on your choice of the Bariatric Wellness Success Pillars, which are critical to ensure and maintain a healthy bariatric lifestyle.

Personal Consultations

Denise provides in-person and telephone consultations to pre and post-bariatric individuals. These sessions are highly personal and delivered in a coaching and mentoring style. The sessions are designed to support individual needs and expectations determined in advance of the actual consultation.

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